County Government Retirees

Welcome to the Loudoun County Retiree Information Center, where you can obtain information about your benefits, wellness and related issues.

Other Retirement Benefits

Affordable Care Act Compliance 

Form 1095-C is an annual notice required under the Affordable Care Act that provides information about you and/or your family members who were offered qualifying health coverage through Loudoun County for at least one month during the 2023 calendar year. Form 1095-C is not required to be submitted with your 2023 annual tax return; however, you should retain this form along with your other important financial documents. You can expect to receive your Form 1095-C via U.S. mail by March 2.

If you have any questions regarding the information listed on your Form 1095-C, please contact the Benefits Help Line at 703-777-0517 or email.

Annual Creditable Coverage Notice

The annual Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice (PDF) is being provided as part of the annual notice to retirees and their dependents who are eligible for Medicare. This notice is important because Medicare beneficiaries who are not covered by creditable prescription drug coverage and do not enroll in Medicare Part D when first eligible will likely pay higher premiums if they enroll at a later date. Please note this notice is for information purposes only. Retirees and their eligible dependents who are Medicare eligible and enrolled on the county’s health plan are not impacted by the late enrollment penalty enforced by Social Security Administration for Center for Medicare Services for Medicare Part D coverage.

Contact Information

Please contact the Loudoun County Benefits Office through email or by calling the Benefits Help Line: 703-777-0517.