Marriage Licenses

Social Distancing Protocols

  • To enforce social distancing an appointment is REQUIRED to access this service at our office. Currently, Loudoun County residents only can request to set an appointment for April 13th, 2020 or later. Non-Loudoun County residents looking for an appointment, please check back for status update after April 26th, 2020.
  • Starting April 6th, and until further notice, office hours available for appointments are 10a.m.-3p.m.
  • Parties should complete and submit an Application Online before Requesting an Appointment to appear at the courthouse to receive their license. Earliest appointments available currently: April 23rd, 2020

Requirements & Fees

  • Both applicants must be 18 years of age, unless emancipated by a court order (Virginia Code § 20-48)
  • Both applicants must appear in person with a valid government-issued photo identification, including foreign identification legible in English
  • Fee for a marriage license is $30 (payable by cash or credit card (PDF))
  • Birth names of both parents
  • Loudoun County residency, proof of divorce, witnesses or blood tests are not required to obtain a marriage license from Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court

Marriage License

  • Application can be completed and submitted here before arriving to the Clerk’s Office or upon arrival using our public computer terminal
  • Marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and is to be used for a marriage ceremony in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Marriage license can’t be issued retroactively
  • Marriage license/certificate can’t be issued to document a marriage that had taken place outside the United States; legal marriages that take place overseas are recognized as legal and documentation supplied by a foreign agency will serve as proof of marriage
  • Unused/expired marriage licenses must be returned back to the Clerk’s Office (Virginia Code § 20-21)

Marriage Ceremony

  • Loudoun County Clerk of the Circuit Court does not perform marriage ceremonies
  • Couple is responsible for making arrangements for the ceremony; person performing the ceremony is permitted to charge fees (Virginia Code § 20-27)
  • List of Civil Celebrants (PDF) qualified by Loudoun County Circuit Court
  • Officiant will retain both copies of the marriage license and shall file it with the Clerk of the Circuit Court within 5 days following the ceremony (Virginia Code §32.1-267 (C))

Copies of the Marriage License/Certificate

  • Clerk’s Office (for licenses issued by Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court): in person or by completing mail-in request form (PDF); fee is $2.50 per copy
  •  Copy of a license under a "triple seal" (required for an Apostille/Great Seal to be presented at foreign agencies) can be obtained at the issuing Clerk’s Office; fee is $5 per copy
  • Virginia Department of Health-Division of Vital Records and DMV issue copies of marriage records for ceremonies that took place anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Authentications (issued as either a Great Seal or an Apostille) are done by the Secretary of the Commonwealth; contact Authentication Office directly for details

Amendment of Marriage License

  • Fee to amend a marriage license after the marriage has been performed is $10
  • Party amending the information shall present proof of the requested change-original document with certified translation if applicable; please contact our division regarding specific documentation required for your specific circumstances
  • Customers requesting amendment to their marriage license should arrive no later than 3:30pm to allow sufficient time for processing

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