Importance of Maintenance

Costly Repairs & Unsanitary Conditions

Failure to maintain an onsite system can cause partially treated or raw sewage to surface on the ground creating an unsanitary condition. This effect may be local or may extend for miles in certain cases. Alternative (also called non-conventional) on-site systems typically cost two to four times that of a conventional on-site system. If these systems are not maintained, repairs can be costly. It is recommended that all alternative system owners have some form of agreement with a maintenance provider to look at the system twice per year.

Records & Penalties

Certain inspectors may also provide maintenance and can combine visits for maintenance and inspection. However, please recognize that maintenance is not inspection and inspection is not maintenance. Maintenance recorded by service providers as well as inspections recorded by inspectors can be viewed at Online RME.

Civil penalties or tickets may now be issued to owners who do not stay in compliance with the new requirements. Penalties start at $100, with additional $150 penalties every 10 days the owner remains out of compliance up to $3,000. This provision was established for local governments by the general assembly in 2006 and became effective in November 2008 under the Loudoun County Ordinance Chapter 1067.

Contact Information

Contact the Loudoun County Health Department for more information at 703-777-0234.