WORK Program

About the WORK Program

The WORK Program provides an additional step in the graduated sanctions available to individuals who are given community service hours by the courts. The WORK Program is a supervised community service program that develops work sites in and around Loudoun parks, community centers, and various PRCS programs.

How To Register For The WORK Program

Step 1: The Loudoun County WORK Program registration form must be completed and submitted online. If the individual registering for the WORK Program is under 18, the parent(s)/guardian(s) must assist in completing the registration form. A parent/guardian signature is required.

Step 2: Check the email account(s) that were documented on the registration form to ensure that the individual has been successfully enrolled in the WORK Program. Just because an individual has completed the registration form does not mean the individual has been successfully enrolled! All registration forms are individually reviewed by the WORK Program coordinator for accuracy and validity. Individuals submitting the registration form should double-check all of the completed fields for accuracy before clicking "submit."

Individuals who have submitted the WORK program registration form should receive a final email confirmation of enrollment or rejection within (5) business days. Documented error(s) such as incomplete/invalid/inaccurate information will result in form rejection, requiring the individual to resubmit a new registration form. If it has been over (5) business days (Monday - Friday not including holidays) check your "spam" or "junk" folder. If you still do not see a WORK program registration update, contact the program coordinator by email.

Step 3: Once an individual has received confirmation of successful WORK Program enrollment, he/she should continue to regularly check the email account(s) that were documented on the registration form. Program site placement and scheduling will be confirmed via email. Failure to comply with these messages and WORK Program operational guidelines will result in removal from the program.