Fluoride Testing

Chemical Test Report

The Loudoun County Health Department has been requiring chemical tests on wells drilled in conjunction with a building permit for nearly 20 years. A chemical test may be in your file at the Health Department. This could be verified by completing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request form (PDF) from the Health Department to review the file and determine if the chemical test results are present. Fluoride is one of the chemicals found on the report.

Private Lab Testing

If no chemical test has been performed for your property, a private lab could be contacted for the completion of a fluoride test. The testing could also be arranged for the Loudoun County Health Department to send a collected water sample to the state laboratory. The fee for the test through the Health Department is $25 and additional information concerning the sampling requirements can be obtained from the Loudoun County Health Department. Once results are obtained, this information should be forwarded to your dentist and pediatrician, if applicable.

Area Testing Labs

View the list of area fluoride testing labs (PDF).