Continuum of Care

Services for Those In Need

Continuum of Care Overview

The Loudoun County Continuum of Care (CoC) is a community coalition of public, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations that provide a variety of shelter and support services to persons who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The overarching goal of the group is to ensure that there is a continuum of services to meet the needs of homeless persons in the community. The group meets monthly. Loudoun County Department of Family Services provides staff support to the Continuum of Care.

Key Activities of the CoC

  • Collects data about homelessness in Loudoun County; Conducts annual Point-in-Time homeless count in January
  • Maintains homeless management information system (HMIS)
  • Operates the Coordinated Entry System to assist those experiencing a housing crisis.
  • Provides a forum for service providers to network and to collaborate on funding applications for homeless services.

Membership Application

Please complete a membership form if you would like to be a member of the Loudoun County Continuum of Care (CoC). Send the completed forms by mail or e-mail to the Continuum of Care Lead, Loudoun County Department of Family Services, 102 Heritage Way, NE, Leesburg, VA, 20175 or email

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FY 2021 HUD NoFo Project Review and Selection Process (Accepted and Ranked in CoC Priority List)

The Continuum of Care's (CoC) Rank and Review Committee is tasked with prioritizing the most impactful and efficient U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CoC Programs, both new and renewal for inclusion in the FY21 HUD CoC Program Competition Notice of Funding Opportunity (NoFO). In order to accomplish this, the Rank and Review Committee creates a two-tier Project Priority Listing of all HUD CoC project applicants.

HUD Competition Notifications

Organizations are also encouraged to subscribe to the HUD mailing list for additional NOFA publication information: 

Contact Information

For questions or more information, contact the Continuum of Care Coordinator, Jennifer Hope, by email at or by phone at 703-771-5881.