Voters Guide to Election Systems

Our voting equipment is the Unisyn OpenElect Optical Scanner (OVO), which uses a marked paper ballot read by a light reader. One optical scanner is placed in every polling place. For voters with disabilities every precinct is also equipped with a Unisyn OpenElect Ballot Marking Device (OVI). The OVI device is capable of producing ballots using several different interfaces; touch screen, audio, or sip and puff.  The Unisyn voting system is certified by both the Federal Election Assistance Commission and the Virginia State Board of Elections.  

Our electronic pollbook system is the DemTech ePollTab system. The electronic pollbook allows election officers to quickly and accurately verify voter eligibility and identify any special circumstances which may warrant additional assistance. It is used to capture the official record of who voted in an election. Loudoun County uses this system in early, mail, and election day precincts. The DemTech electronic pollbook system is certified by the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Note: The Federal Election Assistance Commission does not have a certification program for electronic pollbook systems. Virginia is one of only eleven states that require that electronic pollbooks be built to a certain standard and undergo testing and certification procedures.