Infrastructure Compliance

The Building and Development Infrastructure Compliance Team provides professional services and inspections to ensure that land development activities are built in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and procedures.

 It is responsible for:

  • quality assurance on improvements to the Loudoun County road infrastructure, as depicted by approved construction plans and specifications.
  •  coordination with applicants, developers, contractors, and local state government agencies, including the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

The team, in partnership with VDOT, has successfully facilitated an average of 95 miles per year of public roadway into the State Secondary System for maintenance in the past five years, which ranks first in Virginia, and a leader in the nation. 

The team is always looking for opportunities to improve through customer service, innovation, and increased efficiencies while always managing projects in an accountable manner, as per standards found in 8.305 Loudoun County Facilities Standard Manual (FSM) (PDF).