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Fire Reports
EMS Reports/Medical Records
EMS Transport Itemized Billing
Fire Investigations

Requests for information on Fire and Emergency Medical Incidents, Fire Investigations and Environmental Reports can be made using the Online Records Request System. If you are requesting EMS Reports/Medical Records you must also complete the Medical Release form above and attach it to the request.

Please contact us via email with additional questions.

Please DO NOT provide or attach personal information in your request, such as your social security number, ID numbers, date of birth, financial information, and health/medical records or other health information. We do not need this information to initiate your records request. 

The Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System (LC-CFRS) operates as a combination system, comprised of both paid and volunteer personnel. Some EMS and Fire Reports will only be available from the volunteer stations that responded to a call. If this is the case for a requested report, the records staff will provide instructions on how to contact the appropriate volunteer company.

Fire Incident Reports

Fire Incident Reports are available by submitting a records request online. There are fees associated with these reports which cover the cost of searching, handling, copying and mailing the report. See below for detailed information regarding cost.

EMS Reports / Medical Records

LC-CFRS will not provide any medical information without a signed release from the patient or his/her legal guardian. If you are requesting such information, please be sure to provide the Medical Release Form (PDF) with the appropriate signatures. The Medical Release document complies with HIPAA Regulations.

Please note: EMS Reports are kept for 6 years in accordance with the Retention Schedules of the Library of Virginia.

EMS Transport Itemized Billing 

For the Itemized Billing records please forward your request, with authorized patient/guarantor signature, to:

EMS Management and Consultants
P.O. Box 863
Lewisville, NC 27023
Fax: 336-397-3977
Phone: 800-814-5339

EMS Transport Billing

Should you wish to inquire about EMS Transport billing, please see the EMS Transport Reimbursement Program page or you can contact the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System’s EMS Transport Reimbursement Team by phone at 703-737-8206, fax 703-771-5359 or Email.

Fire Investigations (Fire Marshal Reports) 

Fire Investigation Reports are available by submitting a records request online. Please note that not every fire incident results in an investigation. Criminal fire investigation records are maintained by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and should be requested from their Records Section.

Report Fees

For Virginia residents requesting Fire and EMS records or Fire Investigations:
Under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), public bodies must make "public records" available for inspection and copying by the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. FOIA permits public bodies to make "reasonable charges" for the actual costs incurred in accessing, duplicating, supplying or searching for requested records, As a result, you may be charged for copies of reports you request from Loudoun County Fire and Rescue. Please see the following link for a description of fees FOIA Cost Schedule.

Records requested by non-Virginia residents are not provided pursuant to the FOIA, but the department may furnish the following records at its sole discretion, when the applicable fee is remitted along with the request.

  • Fire and EMS Reports $10
  • Fire Investigations $15
  • Environmental Reports $10

For out of state requests, payment is expected upon receipt of the report(s). No credit cards are accepted, only checks made payable to the "County of Loudoun."

Please allow five business days for a response to your request. You will be contacted if any delay is expected.

More Information

Email Records or call Loudoun County Fire and Rescue at 703-777-0333.