Water & Sewer

With the exception of Hillsboro, the incorporated towns in Loudoun County provide water and sewer service to residents of the towns and some outlying areas. Rates vary between towns and between in-town and out-of-town service areas. It is best to check rates before the first water bill arrives. Town residents with questions or problems regarding these services should contact their town government.

Loudoun Water provides public water and sewer service for Loudoun County residents who live outside incorporated towns within designated service areas. For emergencies, call 571-291-7878.

Onsite Water & Sewage

If you are not connected to public sewer and/or wastewater service, and this is true of most of rural Loudoun, you will need to know about private wells and onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Garbage & Recycling

Loudoun County does not provide curbside pick-up of either garbage or recycling. However, there are many private contractors available. Towns, community associations, and individuals often hire these contractors to provide such a service. The county does maintain a public landfill and numerous recycle drop-off centers. The Waste Management Division of the Department of General Services provides detailed information on options and locations.


The Dominion Virginia Power and NOVEC provide electricity to Loudoun County homes and businesses.

Internet / Cable Television / Open Video Systems / Telephone

Not all areas of Loudoun County have access to all providers. Some areas, particularly in the rural parts of western Loudoun, must rely on wireless and/or satellite for their Internet and television services. And, depending upon the topography, even these may be spotty or completely unavailable. Other communities, such as Broadlands and Lansdowne, may be tied to a particular provider. The individual service providers can confirm whether or not they provide service to a particular address.

Natural Gas

Columbia Gas and Washington Gas provide service to portions of Loudoun County. If your property is not served by one of these utilities and you need or desire gas, propane gas can be obtained from several local companies.

Safe Digging

Contact VA811 to request the marking of underground utility lines before digging to help avoid physical injury, property damage, costly repairs and service interruptions.


Property Search

If you know the address or pin number of a property, you can find detailed information about the property through the following: