Zoning Ordinance Amendments (ZOAMS)

Loudoun County Zoning Administration is working on a number of Zoning Ordinance Amendments (ZOAMs) to the Revised 1993 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance

Active Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Name Number Description Status
Prime Agricultural Soil and Cluster Subdivision
ZOAM-2020-0002 To amend the cluster residential development standards in the AR-1 and AR-2 zoning districts to prioritize the preservation of prime agricultural soils to support the long-term viability of farming in the Rural Policy Area (RPA). The ZOAM is further intended to improve the overall design of clustered residential development in the Rural Policy Area (RPA). The Board of Supervisors approved a Resolution of Intent to Amend the Revised 1993 Zoning Ordinance on June 21, 2022. The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for September 27, 2022. Story maps continue to be available on GeoHub under the Trending section of the main page. View project documents here.
Short Term Residential Rentals ZOAM-2018-0001 To allow for short-term rentals. Conceptually, this ZOAM seeks to 1) establish short-term rentals as a new accessory use to residential uses; 2) establish commercial whole house rentals as a new principal use; 3) establish new and/or existing additional use regulations and/or performance standards to address short-term rentals; and 4) establish new and/or revise existing definitions to address short-term rentals.  The ZOAM is currently under review by the Planning Commission in work sessions. Comments may be submitted by email. View project documents here.

Zoning Ordinance Rewrite ZOAM-2020-0001 View Information on the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite here View the project timeline here.
Airport Impact Overlay District ZOAM-2021-0002 and ZMAP-2021-0011 This ZOAM would amend the requirements of Section 4-1400: Requirements of the Airport Impact Overlay District. View project documents here.
Dulles Airport Solar Project ZOAM-2022-0002 and ZMAP-2022-0011 Amendments are being considered to permit Dominion Energy, in coordination with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, to establish a ground-mounted solar energy generation facility at Dulles Airport.  The Planning Commission forwarded the ZOAM to a work session tentatively scheduled for September 8, 2022. Submit comments by email. View project documents here.