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PRCS licensed programs include child care, preschool, CASA,  and select summer camps. These programs comply with the Virginia Department of Social Services Child Day Care Standards. Registration for licensed programs continues until capacity is reached, or until deadlines for required documentation expire.

Required Forms for Licensed Programs - Must be submitted through ePACT for the 2024-2025

Once enrolled for the 2023-2024 program year, you must submit the required forms. To comply with state standards, these documents must be submitted for each enrolled program or the enrollment will be canceled. You must create a PRCS Connect account to register, submit the required and related forms, and make payments online. Note: The registration forms linked below are for the 2023-24  program year. If you are registering for a licensed program for the current year (through June 8), you will need to submit the required forms in person. 

For the 2024-2025 school year, Loudoun PRCS will now utilize ePACT, a documentation and support network, to collect the paperwork our department needs and that is required by the Virginia Department of Education Child Day Care Center Standards for licensed programs (childcare, preschool, CASA, and select summer camps) and the YAS program. These requirements are listed here for preschool and here for after-school programs.  

Loudoun PRCS and ePACT will send you a request for each child participating in their program for this year or season from

Requested Documents for Unlicensed Programs will be communicated to you by the program managers.

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