PRCS Licensed Programs Registration


PRCS licensed programs include Childcare, Preschool, CASA, YAS, Daze and Fest Summer Camps, Adaptive Recreation Camps and certain Community Center Trip Camps. These programs comply with child day care standards established by the Virginia Department of Social Services. Registration for licensed programs continues until capacity is reached, or until deadlines for required documentation have passed, whichever occurs first.

Licensed Program Information

Online Registration

Register, make payments and request a household identification and password using WebTrac.

Step-By-Step video of how to register for Camps or CASA

Required Forms & Documentation

Once you have enrolled your child in a PRCS licensed program, you will need to complete and submit required documentation. To comply with the Virginia Department of Social Services Child Day Care Center Standards, these documents must be submitted for each enrolled program, or your child's enrollment will be cancelled. 

You must have a WebTrac account in order to submit required and additional forms.

Required annually of all Participants

Required  for new Participants

Additional Forms

*Submit any of these additional documents online.


Thank you for trusting us to care for your child. If you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance, call 703-777-0343, email Parks and Recreation.