Illegal Dumping & Litter


Loudoun County’s litter and solid waste management facilities ordinances address litter and trash that are not disposed of properly:

Reporting Complaints

Please report complaints related to illegal dumping and litter to the Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-777-0246.

We will investigate the complaint and if a violation exists, determine the responsible party, and follow up with the appropriate enforcement action. You are not required to tell us your name or file a complaint; however, if you choose to remain anonymous, we will be unable to follow up with you as to the outcome of our investigation.

  1. Garbage Storage
  2. Illegal Dumping
  3. Litter Control
  4. Trash At Construction Sites
  5. Trash and Discarded Items

Storage on Private Property

  • Trash and garbage must be stored in a container with a tight fitting lid
  • Garbage may not be placed outside solely in plastic bags
  • Garbage must be removed for disposal at least every two weeks

The Department of Planning and Zoning responds to complaints of improper garbage storage by advising the property owner or occupant to clean up all loose trash and place bags of garbage in a sturdy, covered trash can.

If the garbage has been accumulating for more than two weeks, staff will request that the owner or occupant either contact a solid waste collection company or take the trash to the county landfill where it may be disposed of for a fee.