Clean Waters Initiative: Projects

Partner Projects

Broadlands Floating Wetlands

Three floating wetlands were placed in a stormwater pond at the Broadlands Homeowners Association (HOA). The floating wetlands were placed to provide additional treatment for runoff and designed to reduce nitrogen. Representatives of the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), the Broadlands Habitat Committee, and Loudoun County General Services installed the wetlands on April 13, 2015.

Native Tree & Shrub Planting

Over 100 trees and shrubs were planted in the Sugarland Run Community to improve water quality, by helping to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment. The plantings also provide food and shelter for many animals. Representatives from the Sugarland Run Community, Loudoun County, and the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) planted the vegetation on April 25, 2015. Native trees and shrubs were also planted around one or more Broadlands stormwater ponds in July 2016.

Nutrient Management Plans

Virginia Cooperative Extension Loudoun Master Gardeners helped write nutrient management plans for 150 acres of common area in Broadlands, 60 acres of Sugarland Run HOA, and 9.3 acres of New Town Meadows HOA. Implementing the nutrient management plans help to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus. The project was completed in July 2016.

Town of Lovettsville Stormwater Management Projects

The Town redesigned and retrofitted a deficient stormwater facility while also eliminating an existing drainage problem. Stormwater management improvements in Lovettsville resulted in improved stormwater drainage, reduced sediment loss, and reduced nutrient loading. The project was completed in July 2016.

Partner Opportunities

Loudoun County is seeking additional partners who are interested in helping meet its water quality improvement goals, by instituting best management practices through identified projects.

If your organization is interested in becoming a partner, please contact Alan Brewer, Loudoun County Department of General Services Assistant Director, Public Works and Environmental Services, at 571-258-3444 or email Alan Brewer.

Loudoun County Projects

Briar Patch Park Constructed Wetlands

This project is a constructed wetlands within Briar Patch Park located in Sterling. At least 80 acres of land drains to the wetlands project which doubles as an aesthetic and educational feature. Water from this project drains to an unnamed tributary of Sugarland Run, a bacterially impaired stream. Sugarland Run then continues to flow to the Potomac River and on to the Chesapeake Bay. The project helps to remove phosphorus, nitrogen, and a significant amount of sediment annually. The project was completed in the spring of 2016. Construction images can be seen at: Pre-Construction (PDF), During Construction (PDF), and Post-Construction (PDF).

Upper Broad Run Watershed Management Plan

As part of Loudoun County's water resources management efforts, the county engaged in a pilot project to develop the Upper Broad Run Watershed Management Plan. The Upper Broad Run project was a pilot program for detailed watershed management planning in Loudoun County. The pilot project was proposed by the Water Resources Technical Advisory Committee (WRTAC) and approved by the Board of Supervisors. Read the Upper Broad Run Watershed Management Plan (PDF).

Harmony Park and Ride Tree Planting Project

This proposed project is located in Hamilton, Virginia and will convert 1.39 acres of managed turf to forest through the planting of 580 native trees. The tree planting project is designed to help reduce non-point source nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. The project is also expected to become a public outreach tool, educating residents on the importance of urban nutrient removal. A portion of the funds needed to complete this project will be provided from the Virginia Trees for Clean Water grant money awarded to the Department of General Services in 2016.

Mercure Circle

The county will be converting an existing dry pond into a constructed wetlands. The design is underway and should be completed by Summer 2017 with construction planned for 2018.