ADU Unit Availability Information

Changes to the Management of the ADU Waitlist

Please see the Changes to the ADU Purchase Program Waitlist (PDF), which is important information regarding changes to the ADU Purchase Program waitlist process.

ADU New & Resale Unit

If you desire to purchase a New or Resale ADU, the ADU sales site will enable you to update your contact information, view available homes according to your priority and select properties that you may be interested in purchasing. When you have indicated interest in a property, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. If you are next in line to write a contract, the builder's sales representative or seller will contact you within 48 business hours.


Once the contract is signed and a copy has been provided to the county, the listing for that property will be marked "Under Contract." The settlement date will be indicated on the sales contract.

Once you sign a sales contract, you will not have further access to the ADU Sales Website.

Resale Specifics

For Resale ADUs, it is the seller's responsibility to initiate the writing and signing of a sales contract for the property. Certificate Holders must view the property prior to submitting a contract. As part of the contract signing, the seller will collect an Earnest Money Deposit, which should be made out to the settlement company.

Resales are considered a "For Sale by Owner" transaction and the property will be available "as is". The county does not inspect the property. You may want to consider having a home inspector inspect the property. You, as the prospective purchaser, would have to pay for the home inspection.