Shoveling Snow & Clearing Hydrants

Shovel Your Sidewalks

Be a good neighbor and clear the sidewalk in front of and alongside your home following the end of the snowstorm. Chapter 1022.01 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances requires snow removal on sidewalks on properties that are adjacent to public streets.

Shoveling Sidewalks in School Walk Zones

Keeping sidewalks clear of snow helps to promote public safety by giving pedestrians, including school children, a safe place to walk, keeping them out of the street following a snowfall. Learn more.

Firefighter shoveling snow from hydrant

Clear Fire Hydrants

Firefighters need to be able to quickly locate fire hydrants, or lives and property could be lost. You can help by clearing a three-foot radius around hydrants near your home or business.

Emergency Exits

Businesses should take steps to clear the snow from emergency exits.

Clear Snow From Decks

Snow is heavy and can put a great deal of strain on decks. If you can safely shovel the snow from your deck, do so.

Clear Storm Drains

After a large snow, as the temperatures increase, the potential for flooding exists. Make sure that the snow is cleared from storm drains to prevent pooling and flooding that may result from melting snow.

Be Safe

Avoid injury and over exertion by pacing yourself and taking frequent breaks to rest, gently stretch your back, arms and legs. Be careful when shoveling snow, clearing ice, pushing a car, or similar activities.