Be Prepared for Power Outages

Charge Your Electronics & Other Tips

If weather-related power outages are expected, Loudoun County emergency management officials suggest that you take time to charge cell phones and other electronics ahead of the inclement weather. Other power outage tips include:

  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers in your cell phone and near your home phone. Include your power company's phone number.
  • Have charged batteries and car-phone chargers for back-up power for your cell phone.
  • If you have a traditional landline, keep a non-cordless phone in your home, because it will work even if you lose power.
  • Conserve your cell phone battery by reducing screen brightness, placing your phone in airplane mode and closing apps you are not using.
  • If you lose power, you can charge your cell phone in your car. Just be sure your car is in a well-ventilated place - not in a garage - but do not go to your car until danger has passed,
  • Keep a family emergency kit stocked and handy. Include items like
    flashlights and batteries, battery-operated radio, water, first aid supplies, canned food and can opener, etc.
  • It's a good idea to have some cash on hand ahead of the storm, in the event that automatic teller machines lose power.
  • It's good to have a full tank of gas in your car.