Route 15 North of Leesburg

Current Status: July 2019

  • The Route 15 (North) Safety and Operations Study will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on July 18, 2019. 
  • The recommendations presented in the study are based on technical considerations as well as input received from the Stakeholder Committee, partner agencies and the public.

View the Route 15 (North) Safety and Operations Study (PDF).

View the Executive Summary of the Route 15 (North) Safety and Operations Study (PDF).

Project Background

Route 15 (James Monroe Highway/Leesburg Bypass) is a four-lane, median-divided roadway in the Town of Leesburg that transitions to a two-lane roadway north of Battlefield Parkway and continues to the Maryland state line at the Point of Rocks bridge over the Potomac River. The afternoon congestion on northbound Route 15 has been increasing in recent years; traffic routinely backs up beyond Battlefield Parkway. In recent years, both the Town of Leesburg and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have studied this segment of Route 15 to determine the cause of congestion and identify potential solutions.

Online Resource

Contact Information

The Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure is managing the Route 15 (North) project. Questions on the project may be emailed to the county.

Open Houses Held / Route 15 Survey Conducted

Thanks to all who took the Route 15 Concept Preference Survey, which was conducted as a follow up to the Route 15 Safety and Operations Study open house on September 26, 2018.  The survey closed October 18, 2018.

Links to other materials presented at the open house are below.

Thanks to all who attended the open houses on the Route 15 Safety and Operations Study March 9 and 10, 2018, and who took the online survey, which is now closed.

Route 15 Update Report to Board of Supervisors

On October 19, 2017, the Route 15 (North) Congestion Update was presented to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. The item summarizes the progress made on the actions that the Board directed be taken during the May 18, 2017, business meeting. The item also presents supplemental traffic analysis of these improvement alternatives:

  • Flyover ramp at King Street and roundabout at Whites Ferry Road/Raspberry Drive
  • Flyover ramp at King Street and bowtie roundabouts at Whites Ferry Road/Raspberry Drive.

Board Items

Route 15 Congestion Report

The Route 15 (North) Congestion Report was presented to the Board of Supervisors on May 18, 2017. It provides an analysis of improvements identified to relieve congestion on Route 15 north of the Town of Leesburg, including two recommended alternatives.

The Board item, a presentation made during the meeting, and the "Copy Teste," the official record of the Board’s action, are online:

Route 15 CTP Amendment

As directed by the Board of Supervisors, county staff has initiated a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) to amend the 2010 Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) to widen Route 15 from a two-lane local access undivided rural arterial roadway to a rural four-lane controlled access median divided arterial roadway between North King Street (US Route 15 Business) and Montresor Road (VA Route 661). Information about the Route 15 CPAM is available on the Department of Planning’s webpage.

Route 15 Safety & Operational Study North of Whites Ferry Road to the Maryland State Line

At the May 18, 2017, Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board also directed staff to conduct a study of the safety and operational issues on Route 15 between Whites Ferry Road and the Maryland state line to identify progressive improvements that can be implemented. Public input has been provided on the key issues of this corridor. 

Stakeholder Committee

As directed by the Board of Supervisors, a Stakeholder Committee has been established which is comprised of representatives from homeowner associations that are located along the Route 15 corridor, and representatives from local business, community and preservation organizations.

The first Stakeholder Committee meeting was held on August 1, 2017; subsequent meetings were held in September 2017 and November 2017 with additional meetings planned in 2018. Stakeholder Committee documents are accessible below.

Public Input Meetings: Presentation & Displays Online

Loudoun County held three public input meetings on proposals for the Route 15 corridor between Whites Ferry Road and the Maryland state line in June and July 2017. The agenda for the public meetings, the presentation that was given and maps that were on display are online:  

 The public input meetings were held June 26 in Leesburg and July 8 and July 15 in Lucketts.