Before beginning residential or commercial construction in Loudoun County, you must obtain permits from the appropriate county agencies and, if applicable, the appropriate agencies of the incorporated towns.

  • Building permits are required for all new construction and remodeling projects. 
  • Zoning permits are required for most construction projects.
  • The Department of Building and Development issues building permits and grading permits for the entire county, and zoning permits for properties located outside the incorporated towns. 
  • The Department of Building and Development also conducts building inspections.
  • For information about building permits, contact the Department of Building and Development at 703-777-0220 (V/TTY).

Apply Online

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  1. Decks and Basements
  2. Pools, Sheds, Alterations, and Additions
  3. Permits for Residential Construction
  4. Permits for Commercial Construction
  5. Additional Project Considerations

Decks and Finished Basements require permits. More information about how to apply is available at the links below.

Learn more about things to consider when hiring a contractor.

Home Occupation and Home Childcare Permits

Building and Zoning Permit Application Forms (for submission by mail).