About the Department

The Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) implements the Board of Supervisors' vision and direction on transportation and capital infrastructure projects and operations. Specifically, DTCI oversees transportation planning, project development and construction, traffic engineering, and transit operations, as well as the planning, funding, design, land acquisition, planning, design, and construction management for county facilities. DTCI currently includes more than 87 staff members to meet the demands of our growing county, many of whom perform engineering, architecture, design, construction management and administrative work. The department also includes regional transportation coordination, land acquisition, management of utility relocation, budgeting and accounting, planning, transportation studies and projects, transit operations, and communications staff whose contributions are essential to successful project development, management, and completion. 


This department has four operating divisions including Transportation Capital Projects; Facilities and Public Infrastructure Capital Projects; Transportation Services; and Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering.  These departments are supported with administrative, technology and financial support services.

Transportation Capital Projects

The Transportation Capital Projects division handles local roadway planning and transportation project development including administering land acquisition for transportation projects.

  • Oversees roadway design and construction.
  • Administers land acquisition for transportation projects.
  • Assists with the development of project budgets to design and construct county facilities.
  • Oversees relocation of utilities for transportation projects.
  • Provides construction management, quality control and delivery of roadway projects on schedule and within budget.

Facilities and Public Infrastructure

The Facilities and Public Infrastructure Capital Projects division oversees the planning, design and construction of the county’s facilities and public infrastructure projects. 

  • Coordinate facility standards and functionality with program departments.
  • Projects include parks, fire and rescue stations, sheriff facilities, community centers, senior centers, libraries, parking facilities and general government public use facilities.
  • Provides safe, functional, cost effective, and energy and environmentally sustainable facilities. 
  • Assists with the development of project budgets to design and construct county facilities.
  • Administers the design and construction contracts for new county facilities and the renovation of existing facilities.

Transportation Services

The Transportation Services division moves riders around Loudoun County and the region by bus, Metrorail and a variety of commuting options. The division represents Loudoun County’s interest at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

  • Building a multimodal transportation network that manages the travel demands of Loudoun County’s residents.
  • Manages Loudoun County Transit commuter, local, metro connection and paratransit bus services.
  • Provides information and resources about a variety of commuting options available to those who live and work in the county such as carpools, vanpools, biking, walking, transit, Metrorail, and teleworking.
  • Represents and advocates Loudoun County’s interest at the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) and regional transportation transit-related organizations.
  • Offer employer resources to Loudoun County businesses about commuting options.

Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

The Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering division focuses on policy compliance with the adopted Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP), traffic engineering and operational improvements of Loudoun County’s roadways including transportation and safety studies, residential traffic management, residential parking permits and multimodal transportation. 

  • Develops and manages the CTP, including initial development, issuance of plan interpretations, coordinates amendments and ensures project and land development compliance with the Plan policies.
  • Provides traffic engineering and operational improvements for the county’s roadways.
  • Manage the county’s transportation studies, safety studies and special projects.
  • Coordinates with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to address resident concerns regarding vehicular speed, traffic calming, cut-through traffic concerns and safety on publicly maintained roadways through the Residential traffic management (RTM) program.
  • Establishes and manages the Residential Parking Permit Districts to help prevent traffic congestion and hazardous conditions in residential areas, provide easier parking access to residences fronting public streets, and preserve residential character and property values in Loudoun County.
  • Develops and implements pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.
  • Represents and advocates Loudoun County's interest at regional transportation organizations.

The department effectively manages a major-majority of the county’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in providing safe, functional, cost effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable facilities and roadways that serve the citizens and employees of Loudoun County. DTCI ensures the county's public facilities meet or exceed all federal, state, and local codes and Board of Supervisors' policies. Loudoun County is building a reliable and efficient multi-modal transportation network that can manage the travel demands of our residents, businesses, and regional travel. The county is focused on a context-sensitive system that fits the natural and built environments with 73 percent of Loudoun County Transit bus routes connecting to the region.

For general information about the department visit, loudoun.gov/dtci. You can contact the department by email at dtci@loudoun.govor by phone at 703-737-8624. For more information on our active design and construction projects, visit loudoun.gov/capitalprojects.

If you need information about a road repair on a state-maintained road, removal of road debris, traffic signals, paving or mowing along a road, please contact the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) at 1-800-367-7623 or visit their website at www.virginiadot.org.

Nancy Boyd, Director, Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure
Scott Worrest, Acting Deputy Director and Assistant Director, Capital Projects, Facilities and Public Infrastructure
Lou Mosurak, Assistant Director, Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering
Penny Newquist, Assistant Director, Transportation Services
Jim Zeller, Assistant Director, Capital Projects, Transportation