About the Department

Department of Human Resources


We Serve the People Who Serve the Community


We are a people-centered, innovative HR Dept that is committed to meeting the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow by fostering a positive employee experience, leveraging technology and providing strategic and transformational solutions. 


  • Continuous Improvement through experimentation with a goal of radical simplicity 
  • Data Integrity and Agility to support critical thinking and decision making 
  • Talent development with a goal of optimizing performance and career growth 
  • Respectful work environment that promotes teamwork, synergy and fun
  • Sound management practices rooted in compliance and professional ethics

Working for the Department of Human Resources

In the Department of Human Resources, we serve the people who serve the Loudoun County community. We hire innovative thinkers and doers whose commitment to teamwork is evident. We are difference makers who support people, services and initiatives in the evolving Loudoun community. We exemplify effective hiring by using fair, legal, ethical and inclusive best practices to be an employer of choice. We seek difference makers who bring relevant and unique experiences and model values and skills that support the Loudoun Difference with a strategic human resources approach.

Simply put, the Loudoun Difference is teamwork, community, and innovation.