About the Office

The Code of Virginia mandates more than 800 duties for the Clerk of the Circuit Court, which means my office offers a wide variety of services to the citizens of Loudoun County. Some of those services include the issuance of marriage licenses, recording of deeds and land documents, coordinating juror services for jury trials, probate of wills and estates, assisting judges with courtroom proceedings, managing court files and legal documents, preserving historic court papers and many other services.

Our intention is to provide some basic information to our clients to help gather critical information regarding these services. I hope our website provides convenient information to you and I trust you will provide comments to my office for topics that should be included and/or how the information can be presented to be more helpful to our clients. We enjoy a collaborative partnership with our clients and value your feedback. My dedicated team of deputy clerks and I look forward to serving you.


  • Civil Division
  • Criminal Division
  • Juror Management
  • Land Records Recording Division
  • Historic Records and Deed Research
  • Probate
  • Public Services