Planning Tips

Number of Vendors Expected

Depending on the size of the venue, vendors may have a considerable amount of cardboard to dispose and should be contacted prior to the event to determine if a cardboard recycling dumpster is necessary. If cardboard is going to be collected for recycling, the dumpster should be located conveniently near the vending area if possible.

Serving Food or Beverages

If food and beverages are going to be served, then litter receptacles (trash cans) and possibly recycling bins will be necessary. Consider requiring vendors to serve beverages in plastic bottles or aluminum cans so that they may be recycled.

Neither paper cups nor plastic cups are recycled locally in Loudoun County, so their use should be discouraged. In addition, contact any food vendors planning to use deep-fryers to ensure they understand how to properly dispose of waste grease.

Valley Proteins, Inc. (800-DEAD-COW) provides grease collection services. Grease should not be mixed with other solid waste or recyclables, and should not be poured in stormwater drains or on the ground.

Number of Litter Receptacles & Recycling Bins Required

Anticipating crowd size will help determine the number of trash cans and recycling bins that will be needed and how frequently they will need to be emptied. Placing a recycling bin next to each trash can will reduce the number of times the trash will be emptied because it increases the collection capacity. Recycling bins should always be placed directly beside trash cans to encourage recycling and help avoid trash from being discarded in recycling bins. Some events employ small teams to monitor and collect trash and recyclables throughout the course of the program.

If permanent trash cans and recycling bins are not already on site, you may purchase portable units or your waste collector may provide them as part of their collection service for the event. The Loudoun County Department of General Services, Waste Management Division, has 35-gallon portable recycling bins for loan. The recycling bins must be reserved prior to pick up. Call 703-771-5500 to reserve the bins and for directions, or see a sample recycling bin from the Clear Stream website.

Placement of Litter Receptacles & Recycling Bins

Trash cans and recycling bins should be placed in convenient areas including the main concourse, near food and beverage vendors, near restrooms, and at entry and exit points. Use durable plastic bags to prevent leaks. Clear bags should be used for recycling, and black bags for trash. A recycling bin should be placed next to each trash can to ensure recyclables are not tossed in with the trash, and so trash is not tossed in with the recyclables.

If outdoors, portable trash cans or recycling bins may be anchored to each other, to a permanent fixture, or to the ground. Anchoring will help keep them standing during windy conditions.

Emptying & Transferring Material

Typically, plastic bags are used and replaced when full. Depending on the size of the event site and distance to nearby dumpsters, transferring bags full of trash or recyclables may require a motorized vehicle or cart.

Enlist volunteers, such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, school clubs, or other civic organizations to help with trash collection and recycling duty. Dumpsters for garbage and recyclables should be placed nearby, but preferably outside the immediate event location.

Collection & Disposal Services from Private Waste Collectors

There are numerous private waste collectors that provide garbage collection and disposal, dumpster service, and recycling services. Recyclable bottles, cans, paper and cardboard may be deposited free of charge at any of the Loudoun County Recycling Drop-Off Centers.