Court Services Division


The Sheriff's Court Services Division is responsible for Courthouse and Courtroom security.

Courthouse Security Unit

The Courthouse Security Unit is responsible for the overall security of both the new and Old Courthouse, prisoner transportation to and from the Courthouse, prisoner escorts in and out of the nine courtrooms, the operation of the prisoner holding facility and the Courthouse's Central Control. This unit also maintains and operates x-ray machines and metal detecting equipment at the screening checkpoint of the Courthouse.

Courtroom Security Unit

The Courtroom Security Unit is responsible for maintaining order within the Circuit Courtrooms, General District Criminal and Traffic Courtrooms, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courtrooms. The Court Security Section also provides support services to judges as situations occur, manages jurors both in the courtroom and when sequestered, and performs other related tasks as required by the courts.

This section is also responsible for conducting security committee meetings, which conveys information to each department within the Courthouse, judicial threat assessments, legislative reviews, develop recruitment ideas, and implement better and consistent training required of all deputy sheriffs assigned to the Court Security Section.