If any person maliciously or aids in (i) burning, or use any explosive device or substance destroys, in whole or in part, or causes to be burned or destroyed, or (ii) aids, counsels or procures the burning or destruction of any dwelling house or manufactured home whether belonging to himself or another, or any occupied hotel, hospital, mental health facility, or other house in which persons usually dwell or lodge, any occupied railroad car, boat, vessel, or river craft in which persons usually live or lodge, or any occupied jail or prison, or any occupied church or occupied building owned or leased by a church that is immediately adjacent to a church, he shall be guilty of a felony. (VA Code §18 2, 1977 and §18 2, 1987.2014)

More Information

For more information, please contact the Loudoun County Fire Marshal, the Dulles Town Center Sheriff's Office, or the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.