Special Events Planning

Special Events Planning

It is the goal of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to help you plan and have a safe and successful event. We aim to provide resources for you to use during the planning process that will aid you in completing all the necessary permit applications, licenses, and site safety plans and procedures in advance of all established deadlines to prevent last-minute challenges.

If you are interested in holding an event in Loudoun County, you must first fill out the Online Event Information Form. For more information on special events planning in Loudoun County, please visit our Special Events page.

Event organizers are required to complete a contract and submit a deposit for all off-duty law enforcement requests. For further information or to schedule an event, please contact Jessica Shugars, Special Events Coordinator, at 703-737-8157.

Things to Consider if you are Planning a Special Event 

Please complete the Online Event Information Form at www.loudoun.gov/events if you answer yes to any of the questions below.  Additional resources available from Loudoun County agencies can also be found on this page.

Do we need Law Enforcement on-site? 

Contact Jessica Shugars, LCSO Event Coordinator by email to discuss events and any law enforcement requests.

 Do I need a building and/or zoning permit? 

A zoning permit is required for most events unless they are listed as exempt activities. A building permit may also be required depending on the type of activities and structures planned for the event, such as inflatables, tents, and similar structures. 

 I’m planning to use a tent.  Do I need a permit?

If the tent is greater than 900 square feet, you must contact the Loudoun County Fire Marshal's Office for a use permit at 703-737-8600. 

 We are planning to serve food at the event. What health requirements do we have to meet?

If you are cooking or serving food, you must contact the Loudoun County Health Department at 703-777-0234. You may also download the Temporary Food Establishment/Vendor Application and Information Packet from www.loudoun.gov/food, which contains an application for a temporary food permit and instructions for completing the application.

 We are planning to serve alcohol at the event. What type of license do we need?

You may need a banquet, banquet special event, or mixed beverage special event license from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic and Beverage Control: Special Event Licenses. The department has information and application forms available online.

 We will need to close some streets. How do we do that?

You will need to obtain a permit from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to close any streets. 

We will have items for sale. Do we need a license?

Usually, when a business is engaged in sales activity in Loudoun County, the business owner must obtain a Loudoun County Business, Professional, and Occupational License. However, in 2004, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approved an exemption from this requirement for any "itinerant vendors" who participate in special events in the county lasting seven days or less. This exemption applies only to participants in events that occur in the county and outside of Loudoun's seven incorporated towns. Vendors participating in events that occur within an incorporated town must contact that particular town to find out about their requirements if any.

Do we have to provide water if it's an outdoor event? What about toilet facilities?

You do not have to provide water if it's an outdoor event. Food vendors will need water from an approved source. Many vendors bring water with them or obtain it at the event. When portable toilets are used at large gatherings, a minimum of 1 toilet per 100 people is required.