Safety T.I.P.S.

Smoke Alarms

  • Smoke alarms are one of the best and easiest safety features you can use to protect yourself, your family and your home. 
  • For smoke alarm safety tips, to have free smoke alarms installed, or to obtain a free smoke alarm assessment, call 703-737-8600 or visit the Smoke Alarms page.

Open Burning

  • Open Burning is allowed between 4:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. from February 15th through April 30th for the burning of leaves, trees, brush, yard and garden trimmings generated onsite, where street side trash service is not available for this purpose. 
  • Bonfires are allowed provided that they consist of seasoned wood, piled neatly, no more than five feet in diameter by five feet in height.  
  • Open burning is allowed under the following conditions:
    • When not otherwise prohibited as outlined in the Open Burning Prohibited section.
      such open burning must be reported to the LCFR Emergency Communications Center (ECC) at 703-777-0637 prior to ignition and when the fire is extinguished.
    • Open burning may be no closer than 50 feet from a structure.
    • Fires shall be attended by competent persons 18 years of age or older, at all times, with provisions for control available.
    • If at any time the fire is not attended and/or a means of extinguishment is not immediately available, it must be fully extinguished.
    • Open Burning Regulations

More Information

Questions may be directed to the Fire Marshal's Office at 703-737-8600. 

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