What is a plat?

A plat shows how a piece of land is divided into lots and usually shows information including setbacks, coordinates, and easements.  It is normally included in the closing paperwork when buying a home.  Not every property has a plat.

A plat is not the same as a survey and the county does not have individual property surveys.  Surveys are performed by independent, state-licensed land surveyors and can be legally recorded to define property lines.

Plats are often requested by Building & Development or HOAs for building permits.

Obtaining Copies of Plats

Our office has most subdivision plats for properties located within the county and outside of the incorporated towns.  If available, we will email or print a copy upon request.  Contact us with your property address or PIN and we will check our available plats.

Different versions of a plat go through the county’s approval and legal recordation process.  We do not have house location plats, so our plats do not typically show building footprints.  

The legally recorded plat, and any other recorded documentation about a property, is available from the Clerk of the Circuit Court Land Records Division.