Other Post-Employment Benefits Investment Committee



The Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Investment Committee is a five-member committee with one citizen member appointed at-large by the Board of Supervisors. In accordance with state code, the county's Chief Financial Officer (Department of Finance and Budget) and the Treasurer serve as members of the investment committee. In addition to these members, the Board of Supervisors has included the Superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools, or the Superintendent's designee, and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Finance/Government Operations and Economic Development Committee to also serve on this committee.

Staff Contacts

The staff contact for the OPEB Investment Committee is Robin York, Benefits Coordinator in the Department of Human Resources, 703-777-0213.

General Purpose

The Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Investment Committee was formed to assist in managing investments for the county's retirement benefit plan, to include the county government and public schools.

The committee was established according to Virginia Code §15.2-1547.

Specific topics to be addressed by the OPEB Investment Committee will include:

  • Creation of Committee by-laws and an investment policy for funds in the OPEB Trust
  • Evaluation of investment options and investment managers
  • Recommendations or presentations to the Board of Supervisors on all above mentioned topics