Residential Permit Parking Districts (RPPD)

Residential Permit Parking Districts (RPPDs) help prevent traffic congestion and hazardous conditions in residential areas, provide easier parking access to residences fronting public streets, and preserve residential character and property values in Loudoun County.

You must have a parking permit decal or short-term visitor pass to park in an RPPD during the designated hours as per Chapter 490 of the Loudoun County Code of Ordinances.

RPPD Parking Portal

Use the RPPD Parking Portal to apply for, or to purchase parking permit decals and short-term visitor passes. First time visitors to the portal must sign up and apply for a parking permit prior to purchase, see "Apply for permits" from the menu below for details. 

  • In-person purchasing and assistance with RPPD decals is currently suspended due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols. You may continue to use the RPPD parking portal to purchase decals and visitor passes. 
  • With U.S. Mail delivery expected to slow and the upcoming holiday office closures, please plan ahead to purchase your parking permit decal.  

Am I in a RPPD?

County signs are posted in Residential Permit Parking Districts and display the designated hours a permit or short-term visitor pass is required for parking.


Use the interactive RPPD Map to view RPPD locations and streets, or to determine if your address makes you eligible to apply for a residential parking permit.

  1. Apply for permits
  2. Buy or Renew permits
  3. Buy visitor passes
  4. Using permits and passes

Apply on the RPPD Parking Portal

If you have already visited the RPPD Parking Portal and received a confirmation email of your approved request for permit, see "Buy permits" from the menu above. Otherwise, follow the steps to apply below.

Step 1: Check your eligibility.

Only residents living in an established RPPD can purchase a parking permit or short-term visitor passes.

  • If you are not sure if your address is within a RPPD, look up your address on the RPPD map
  • If you know you are eligible, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Sign up and apply.

Visit the RPPD Parking Portal to sign up and complete a residential permit request. You will need to scan and save the following items as a .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .bmp, .png, .doc, or .docx for upload during the application process:

  1. Proof of Residency:
    • A copy of your Virginia driver’s license - the license address must match the address of your residence within the RPPD
    • two other documents - Use of other documents in place of a driver’s license is only allowable if you can prove that you moved to your residence within the RPPD in the last 30 days:
      • Proof of payment of Loudoun County vehicle license fee
      • Vehicle or personal property insurance policy
      • Proof of payment of a security deposit or paid rent receipt
      • Lease or mortgage documents
      • Virginia voter registration
      • Utility bill
  2. Proof of Vehicle Ownership:
    • A current vehicle registration - one per vehicle. The registration address must match the address of your residence within the RPPD.

Step 3: Receive a confirmation email.

When a review of the information you provided in Step 2 is complete, you will receive an email approval or denial of your residential permit request.

  • An approved request email will prompt you to use the RPPD Parking Portal to purchase a parking permit and/or a short-term visitor pass booklet. Select "Buy permits" or "Buy visitor passes" from the menu above for more information. 
  • A denied request email will provide an explanation and suggestions to help you re-apply.

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New RPPD Requests

To learn more about the process to establish a new RPPD, visit How to Establish a Residential Parking Permit District.