How to Establish a RPPD

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors may establish, amend or terminate a Residential Permit Parking District (RPPD) for any area within the county by application when it meets with the criteria. On this page, you will find a brief overview of the process to establish a new RPPD as outlined in Chapter 490 of the Loudoun County Code of Ordinances.

Criteria for Establishment

School Zones and/or Metrorail Stations: A district qualifies to establish a RPPD if it is within ½ mile (2,640 feet) from pedestrian entrances of an existing or proposed high school, university or college campus, or Metrorail station.

All Other Areas: A residential area qualifies to establish a RPPD if it has a minimum of 100 connected, or nearly connected on-street parking spaces at 20 linear feet per space, and at least:

  • 75% of the land abutting each block is developed residential, and
  • 75% of the total number of on-street parking spaces are regularly occupied by vehicles, with at least 50% of those spaces occupied by non-residents as authenticated by a survey performed by the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure during hours of peak demand. 

Communities: Residential addresses can be added to an existing RPPD if they meet the criteria. The criteria differs for detached homes and duplexes, or attached town homes: 

  • The single-family detached and/or duplex dwelling has an address on a publicly maintained street, or on a private street when:
    • The street can only be accessed by a publicly maintained street within an existing RPPD, or
    • The residence is on a corner lot that abuts an existing RPPD.  
  • The single-family attached (town home) dwelling fronts a publicly maintained street within the RPPD, or fronts a private street that can only be accessed by a publicly maintained street within an existing RPPD. 

RPPD Process

If the proposed district meets with the criteria to establish a RPPD, the applicable Homeowners Association (HOA) or the affected group of residents (when the district is not serviced by the HOA) initiates the RPPD process with Loudoun County.   

RPPD Process Flow

Process Map

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