Timeline & FAQs

The future vision of the Department requires extensive community engagement. We believe that connections are made and community is created through a comprehensive system of parks, recreation and community services. We want to know how you believe we can create community through the people, parks and programs of Loudoun County PRCS.


What is the project duration?

  • The project duration was 12 months with the final plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors June 2021. A final public meeting is scheduled July 21. 

Can anyone participate in this project?

  • This was an input-driven process and the outcome and future recommendations came from the needs and vision articulated by the community.

How did residents participate in the process?

  • Residents were able to provide open-ended comments and suggestions, respond to the online survey and attend a series of public meetings.

Who is responsible for this comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan?

  • PROS Consulting, INC. in Indianapolis, Indiana, was awarded the contract to assist with the Master Plan.

Where can I find more information about this project?

  • Project information including key meeting dates, reports, and final documents is available to the community through these project web pages.

Project Timeline & Milestones

  1. PHASE 1: MARCH - DEC 2020
  2. PHASE 2: JAN - JULY 2021

Step 1

Community Needs Assessment

Step 2

Park & Facility Inventory & Assessment

Step 3

Present Community Needs Prioritization and Park/Facility Assessment