Linear Parks & Trails System


Loudoun County is developing an interconnected, countywide linear parks and trails system based on the July 2021 approved plan (PDF). The comprehensive system will provide a variety of functions and benefits, including recreation, alternative transportation, wildlife habitat, water quality protection, flood hazard reduction, aquifer recharge, erosion prevention, property value enhancement, economic development and scenic beauty.

Events, updates & Committee meeting minutes

  • The May 27, 2022, update announces the opening of a new segment of the Linear Parks & Trails System and a ribbon cutting scheduled for June 11, 2022. Working in partnership with the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy (NVCJTA) and Potomac Heritage Trail Association, Loudoun County has opened a new natural surface trail that adds an additional 2,200 ft. of trail along Broad Run. 
  • LPAT Committee Minutes - November 22, 2022 (PDF)
    • Includes the announcement of two new official positions working on the program.

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