Reentry Resources & Federal Bonding Program

Reentry Resources

The Virginia Career Works Northern Region offers numerous resources for those that face barriers and challenges from being currently or formerly justice-involved. These resources include access to technology, employment & job applications, resume assistance and many more.

Reentry 101: Employment Basics. Don't Let Your Past Impact Your Future
Do you have previous charges or convictions that are making it hard to find a job? Join us to learn more about the programs and services offered through Virginia Career Works Northern that are primarily focused on those who have past charges or convictions and are reentering the workforce. To schedule a one-on-one appointment with the case manager, Mark Chernisky, please call 703-397-6328 or email

Federal Bonding Program

The national Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonds for “at-risk,” hard-to-place job seekers. Our state’s version is the Virginia Bonding Program for individuals with convictions, even if you did not serve any time.

It provides any employer that offers you a full- or part-time job business insurance for your first six months of employment, including temporary agencies. It is completely free for you and your employer. Watch the Virginia Bonding Program video for a detailed look at how the program works or view/download this program brochure (PDF)

Getting Started

To request a Program Eligibility Letter through our office, submit this electronic form or call at 703-777-0150, press option 1. Once we receive your information, the eligibility letter will be delivered to you by email in approximately 10-15 business days.

Use Your Letter in Your Job Search

Once you have your letter, make several paper and electronic copies. You can use it in your job search in several ways:

  • Attach them to your job application or resume
  • If appropriate, share it during your interview
  • Present it before a background check

The Program Eligibility Letter is only a job search tool. It does not indicate that you are bonded. To receive a bond, your employer will need to extend a job offer and contact the Virginia Bonding Program Coordinator.

Additional Resources