Review of Confederate and Segregationist Symbols

In 2020, the Board of Supervisors initiated a review and inventory of Confederate and segregationist symbols in Loudoun County. Since the review was completed in July 2021, the Board has approved measures to address, change or prohibit the current and future naming of county roads after Confederate or segregationist figures, symbols or slogans. The initiatives include renaming two county-owned recreational facilities, renaming Route 7 and Route 50 in Loudoun County and renaming several neighborhood streets and roads. The Board also initiated a process for amending the county's General Naming Standards ordinance to include a section that prohibits using Confederate and segregationist names for future county roads and to pursue the renaming of existing or reserved street names that are in violation of these new criteria.

Recreational Facilities

Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park in eastern Loudoun was renamed as Bazil Newman Riverfront Park and Kephart Bridge Landing—a trailhead and canoe and kayak launch facility located within the park—was renamed as Riverpoint Drive Trailhead.

Renaming Route 7 and Route 50

Read more about the renaming project.

Neighborhood Streets and Roads Renaming Initiative 2022-2023

Read more about the renaming of local streets and roads in Loudoun County.

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