Resident Curator Program

Program Overview

The Loudoun County Resident Curator Program (RCP) will help to preserve the county's historic buildings by rehabilitating and maintaining underutilized historic properties and making them accessible to the public.

Through the program, the county provides long-term leases to qualified tenants who agree to rehabilitate and maintain these historic resources in accordance with established preservation standards. A curator can be a private citizen, a nonprofit entity or a for-profit entity. 

The program aims to reduce the public costs associated with the care and preservation of the properties by enabling groups or individuals to take over the responsibility. In addition to caring for the day-to-day management of the property, the curators are responsible for the rehabilitation and continued maintenance of the property. Properties that are included in the RCP have been deemed historically significant and either meet the county’s established criteria of eligibility for curation and/or also may meet the National Historic Register criteria.

Any proposed rehabilitation of these sites must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the curator must provide reasonable public access to the property. In return, curators pay no rent, providing they continue to fulfill their contractual obligations. Curators are responsible for upkeep, property maintenance expenses, utilities and county property taxes.

The RCP is part of the county's implementation of its Heritage Preservation Plan (PDF), allowing the county to protect and preserve resources through acquisition, maintenance and public engagement and education related to county-owned properties.

For more information, email Artie Right, program manager.

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