Wells & Onsite Septic Systems

The Health Department reviews installations of wells and septic systems as well as operations of alternative onsite septic systems.

  1. Well & Septic Permits
  2. Pump & Haul Systems
  3. Alternative Onsite Septic Systems
  4. Contractor's License

A Well & Septic Application is required to obtain a permit for a well or septic system and must be accompanied by supporting work from a private sector service provider who is properly licensed to do such work through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). Documentation or a design certified by a private sector service provider must be in compliance with all applicable state and county regulations and requirements. The design must provide a construction drawing identifying the proposed well or septic system location, construction specifications for the well or septic system, and include sufficient details for a licensed well driller to construct the well or septic system. Consult with your private sector service provider for additional information.

Uses That Require a Well & Septic Application

A Well & Septic Application (PDF) is required for the following uses - additional information may be needed for the specific use:

  1. Sewage System Construction Permit Application is needed to construct a new sewage system, or to repair or modify an existing sewage system. Include a survey plat of the parcel or Request for Survey Waiver from the Virginia Department Health
  2. Renewal Application for Sewage System Construction Permits may be submitted, without having to pay an application fee when the following requirements specified in §12VAC5-620-80.F. are met: the site and soil conditions upon which the permit was issued have not changed; the legal ownership of the property has not changed; a building permit for the facility to be served by the sewage system has been obtained or when no building permit is required, construction of the facility has commenced; no previous renewal of the permit has been granted; and not more than 18 months has passed since the expiration date of the original permit. Renewal of Septic Permit Application (PDF).
  3. Well Permit Application is for constructing a new or replacement water well, or to modify or repair an existing water well.
  4. Certification Letter Application is for an owner or applicant that is not ready to start construction but wishes to identify a specific site for an onsite sewage system.  Certification letters do not expire and shall convey with the land in the event that the property is sold. Include a survey plat of the parcel identifying the site(s) for an onsite sewage system.
  5. Hydrogeologic Study Application is for a hydrogeologic study and must include the report completed and conducted in accordance with the Loudoun County Facilities Standards Manual (PDF).
  6. Safe, Adequate and Proper Evaluation Application (SAP) is an evaluation of the current condition of an existing onsite sewage system.  A building official may require an SAP evaluation prior to issuance of a building permit for a structure designed for human occupancy. For background, see the Virginia Department of Health Guidance Memoranda and Policy on SAP Reviews (PDF). An SAP may also be required as part of a change of use project, see the Guidelines for Change of Use or New Use Properties (PDF)
  7. Soil Review for Subdivision Application (PDF) is to evaluate and review soils for the purpose of subdivision. Upon completion of the soils review, the Health Department will issue a preliminary subdivision approval letter for inclusion with a Land Development application submitted to the Building Department. If applicable, this letter may also document approval of a hydrogeological study. 
  8. Water and Sewer Evaluation Application (PDF) is for evaluating the existing onsite sewage system and well water supply; this is typically for change of use projects, subdivisions, or as requested by a government agency.
  9. Sewage System Abandonment procedures can be conducted by licensed onsite sewage system professionals without the requirement of a permit issued by the Health Department. A completed sewage system abandonment report must be submitted along with the associated documentation. Onsite Sewage System Abandonment Report (PDF).

Petition for Services

Only owners that submit a Virginia Department of Health Petition for Services  and qualify for means testing requirements (based on federal poverty guidelines), or a hardship contained in the Virginia Department of Health’s Hardship Guidelines (PDF), will be eligible to receive evaluation and design services from the Virginia Department of Health.

How to Apply

Submit permit application plans/packages in one of the following ways:

Fees for Environmental Health Services

Permit Guidelines