Fire and Life Safety Programs

The Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s Office Fire and Life Safety Division coordinates and conducts Fire Safety presentations at no cost to the community. Presentations work to educate citizens on the hazards around the home and workplace, the proper way to eliminate them, and adequate ways to plan for and respond to an emergency.Programs are available for individuals of all ages and provide information on a variety of fire and life safety issues. A short summary of each program is included below.

Email the public education manager for more detailed information about any specific program.

  1. 9-1-1 Simulator
  2. After the Fire
  3. Books and Badges
  4. File of Life
  5. Safety Presentations
  6. Fired Up for Safety-1st Grade
  7. Hazard House
  8. Hazard House Kiosk
  9. Home Escape Obstacle Course
  10. Home Inspection Program
  11. Leesburg Kidsmart Safety Camp
  12. Life Safety Trailer
  13. McGruff Safety Camp
  14. Station Visits
  15. Youth Firesetter Prevention

9-1-1 Simulator 

The 911 Simulator is used to teach children how to identify the difference between an emergency and non-emergency. They learn that 9-1-1 should be used if there is an emergency and how to call. Children are encouraged to practice their address and phone number and learn how to respond properly to dispatcher prompts. The child then utilizes a simulator to practice their new skill.