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Current Volunteers of Loudoun County Fire and Rescue

If you are unable to find the volunteer information you are searching for or feel we could provide additional information, please feel free to contact the Volunteer Program Division. We want to ensure our volunteers have easy access to the most current information.

New Volunteer Orientation  

Volunteer Orientation is offered monthly for all new fire, rescue, and administrative volunteers. This class is a prerequisite for all entry level programs offered by Loudoun County Fire and Rescue. Topics to be covered include: an introduction to the LCFR combination system, station/county expectations, volunteer benefits, and legal issues. To find an orientation class, visit the Training Corner and follow the registration instructions.

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Fire and Rescue Guidelines
Fire-Rescue Guidelines were created by the Fire-Rescue Commission to provide effective, efficient, and equitable fire, rescue, and emergency services countywide. They also provide the policy and regulatory framework for all fire, rescue, and medical service operations. Below you will find the most current adopted version.

Training Corner
The LCFR Training Division posts all offered courses on the Training Corner. Courses are posted by the month in which they will be held. Most entry level courses such as Firefighter I-II and Emergency Medical Technician-Basic are offered twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. It is important to check Training Corner regularly as it is updated often.

Be sure to complete the proper TDTR (Training Division Training Request) form by the appropriate deadline and submit through your company’s chain of command.

Volunteer Benefits
People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Many volunteers get satisfaction from providing a public service to their community while others enjoy broadening their knowledge base. No matter what the motivation, LCFR appreciates the time and effort volunteers put into the system and do their best to offer more tangible benefits. See a volunteer benefits handbook. You can also access the benefits documents.

More Information

Contact the LCFR Volunteer Program Division for more information.