Advisory Boards, Commissions & Committees

Loudoun County government has many advisory boards, commissions, and committees which provide opportunities for direct involvement in local government by residents of Loudoun County. The Board of Supervisors appoints citizens to fill vacancies on most advisory boards, commissions, and committees. 

While some groups are prescribed by the Code of Virginia, many have been created and authorized through action by the Board of Supervisors. Many boards, commissions and committees are ongoing in nature, while some are temporary ad hoc committees created to accomplish specified tasks.

A portion of the advisory boards are comprised of appointees from each electoral district, requiring applicants to live in the district for which the advisory position exists. Additionally, many advisory boards are comprised of at-large seats, which have no residency requirements and may also require appointees to have specific areas of expertise and/or representation.

The Board of Supervisors recognizes and celebrates the diversity of Loudoun County and encourages all individuals to apply to serve on Board-appointed committees and commissions.

Applying for a board, commission or committee


Inclement Weather Policy

  • On days when Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) are closed due to inclement weather, meetings of the Board of Supervisors’ advisory boards, committees and commissions are canceled, some exceptions apply. When Loudoun County Public Schools close early due to inclement weather, meetings that occur after the closure time are also canceled. Delayed LCPS openings do not impact advisory board meeting schedules. Policy with noted exceptions (PDF)
  • On days when Loudoun County Government is closed, all meetings are canceled with the exception of the Board of Supervisors, which may or may not be canceled at the discretion of the Board Chair or Standing Committee Chair.

Current Advisory Boards, Commissions & Committees

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors