Wedding Officiant

Civil Celebrant Appointment (Marriage Officiants)

  • Non-Virginia residents who are not clergy cannot legally perform a wedding in Virginia.
  • You must be a resident of Loudoun County in order to be a One-Time Ceremony Civil Celebrant authorized to perform a wedding in Virginia.
  • Virginia residents who do not reside in Loudoun County will need to apply in the county in which they reside.
  • Submit the following:
  • Once the order has been approved, the petitioner will have to post the $500 bond prior to performing the marriage ceremony. Payment should be made by either check or money order, made payable to "Clerk of Circuit Court". 
  • In order to have your bond refunded, please return the marriage license along with the Request for Return of Bond (PDF) form to the Public Services Division of the Clerk’s Office. If the license was obtained in a jurisdiction other than Loudoun, you must provide a certified copy of that license.

 Permanent Civil Celebrant Appointment

  • You must be a resident of Loudoun County in order to be appointed as a permanent Civil Celebrant authorized to perform a wedding in Virginia.
  • Submit a letter to the Clerk setting forth your interest in being appointed as a permanent Civil Celebrant. Provide your email address and daytime phone number.
  • The letter will be provided to and reviewed by the Clerk of Circuit Court. The Clerk will contact the individual to provide information about the process.

Out-of-State Minister Petition

  • We encourage you to petition in the county in which the marriage is taking place.
  • The Loudoun County Circuit Court Judges do not recognize any online ordinations, for example The Universal Life Church, per the Attorney General opinion examined in Cramer v Commonwealth (PDF).
  • Submit the following:
    • $86 filing fee
    • Out-of-State Minister Petition (PDF)
    • It is suggested that these forms be filled out online and printed or typed for clarity.  If unable to do so, please print clearly and legibly.
    • A copy of your certificate of ordination 
    • Proof of your position as a minister within the church or religious organization on official church letterhead.

Authorization for Local Clergy Members

  • We encourage you to apply in the county in which your house of worship or religious body is located.
  • Authorizations are done by appointment only.
  • $26 filing fee
  •  You will be required to upload the following during the scheduling process:
    • A copy of your license, certificate of ordination, or documentation appointing you to your clerical position.
    • Current proof of your position within your religious organization, from someone in a position of authority within the organization other than yourself, on the organization’s letterhead.

Please note: Court personnel are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. If you need assistance or advice, please see our Legal Aid and Links page.