Application Instructions

Filing Procedures

First-time applicants and renewal applicants have two options for submitting Concealed Handgun Applications to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Applicants can hand-deliver applications to the Clerk of the Circuit Court during normal business hours or may mail their application. You must include a photocopy of a valid government-issued photo identification, proof of competency or photocopy of their current/expired permit (renewals) and proper payment for filing.

Law Changes

  • Effective July 1, 2021 - There is a new application for Concealed Handgun Permits. Only applications with SP-248 (07-1-2021) in the upper left corner will be accepted. Please see below for the current application.
  • Effective January 1, 2021 - Online certifications will no longer be accepted. Certification is required to be in-person firearms training. As long as the application is filed before January 1, 2021, the online application will be accepted.

Mailing address:
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Attention: Civil Division
P.O. Box 550
Leesburg, Virginia 20178

Application Instructions

Applicants should carefully review the application and ensure all information is provided. The entire application needs to be submitted (pages 1-5), even if some pages are not applicable to you. The application should be typed or legibly handwritten in dark ink to ensure the information can be read. If the space provided in the application is insufficient for some responses, any additional information that is required can be attached to the application. Attachments should be legible and clear. Typed information on attached documents is preferred to ensure the information is legible.

The application must be signed by the applicant. The application can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. 

Application Filing Fees

The filing fee for the Concealed Handgun Application is $40.00. Applicants who deliver their application in person at the Clerk’s Office have the option of paying by credit card, check or money order. Applicants who mail in the application must pay by check or money order. Checks and money orders should be made payable to “Clerk of Circuit Court.”

Proof of Competency

Applicants must provide proof of proficiency to use a handgun as part of the application.

Background Investigation

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office conducts a criminal background check on each applicant. Once the application has been successfully filed, the Clerk of the Circuit Court will send the application to the Sheriff’s Office to complete the background check. The fee for the background check is included with the filing fee.

Review & Processing of Application

Once the Sheriff’s Office has completed the background investigation and provided the results to the Clerk’s Office, the application is reviewed by the Circuit Court Judges. Pursuant to VA Code §18.2-308.05, Virginia law requires action on the application by 45 days. Applications that are approved by the Court will result in issuance of a permit by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Unless otherwise requested by the applicant, the permit will be mailed to the applicant at the address provided on the application. Applicants may request that the Clerk contact the applicant when the permit has been issued to make arrangements to pick up the permit in person. You may check on the status of your application by following the instructions on the notice that is given to applicants once you apply in person or by mail. Per VA Code §18.2-308.02(D), we are unable to provide any information contained in an application. 

What Do I Do If I Lose My Permit or I Move?

A current permit holder may obtain a replacement permit from the Clerk of the Circuit Court if a permit is lost, damaged or in the event that the permit holder moves to a new residence.

Permit Renewal

Once approved by the Court and processed by the Clerk’s Office, your Concealed Handgun Permit is valid for five years. You may renew your permit by completing the application as outlined above; however, you would indicate in the appropriate box that you are renewing your permit. If your permit has expired, please check the box for resident permit, while providing your expired permit as proof of proficiency. In order to maintain your authorization, the application for renewal should be submitted to the Clerk’s Office at least 90 days prior, but no more than 180 days prior to the expiration of your current permit. The new permit becomes effective upon expiration of the existing permit. When submitting your application for a renewal permit, please provide a copy of your current unexpired gun permit to expedite processing.