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Jun 09

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Adopts New Election Districts

Posted on June 9, 2022 at 11:54 AM by Nancy McCormick

During its June 7, 2022 meeting, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted amendments to the Codified Ordinances of Loudoun County, Chapter 207 – Election Districts, which updates the county’s election districts. The Board adopted the LT-Revised 1 Plan, which was developed through a thorough public process over the past year.

New Election Districts Balance Population/Representation 

The county’s new election districts are the result of a process that was informed by the 2020 census and input from the public. The redrawing of election districts each decade is required by law. The redrawn districts were designed by the Board and members of the public to help maintain districts in which the number of residents is balanced over the next decade. Based on the 2020 census, the population of each adopted district ranges between 50,468 and 54,881 residents. Increases and decreases in the populations of each adopted district are forecasted to range between one and 17 percent of the forecasted 2030 target population of each district of 63,300 over the next ten years.

The adopted election districts adhere to the ten guidelines established by the Board for the county’s local redistricting process:

  • All districts shall have equal representation.
  • The plan shall comply with the Voting Rights Act.
  • All districts must be compact and contiguous.
  • The census shall be the source of data.
  • Preserve communities of interest.
  • Create districts with similar interests among communities.
  • Consider voter convenience and effective election administration.
  • Use geographical or physical features, especially arterial roadways, for district and precinct boundaries.
  • Consider all alternative plans presented by interested groups and individuals.
  • When possible, do not split incorporated towns.

New District Name

The Board previously voted to name one newly redrawn district as the Little River District. The Blue Ridge District name will be retired. The names of the county’s seven other election districts, also redrawn, will remain the same.

Next Steps

Following the Board’s vote to adopt the new election districts, the plan will be submitted for a “Certificate of No Objection” from the Office of the Attorney General, which is a certification process required by law. Once certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Loudoun County Office of Elections and Voter Registration will adjust precincts as necessary and establish updated polling places in accordance with adopted redistricting plan. Loudoun County’s registered voters will receive information by mail from the Office of Elections and Voter Registration to notify voters of any changes in their precincts, elected representatives, and polling places in advance of the next election using the newly redrawn state and local election districts. 

A special election to fill two vacant school board seats in November 2022 will occur using the existing election districts because the election was scheduled prior to the Board’s adoption of new districts. 

The first general election for Board of Supervisors and School Board representatives in the redrawn election districts will be in November 2023 (if a primary election is held in June 2023, the redrawn election districts would be used). Until then, Loudoun County residents will continue to be represented by their current Board of Supervisors and School Board members. Loudoun residents can identify their currently elected representatives on the county’s website

More information about redistricting in Loudoun County, including a link to a map that illustrates the new election districts, is posted at

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