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Jan 10

Road Renaming Update: January 10, 2023

Posted on January 10, 2023 at 4:30 PM by Nancy McCormick

Project Update: January 10, 2023

The process of renaming a number of roads and streets throughout Loudoun County, which began in April 2022, continues:

  • The new name of Jackson Avenue will be Honeybee Avenue. 
  • The new name of Lee Drive will be Turtle Hill Drive.
  •  The new name of Pickett Road will be Broken Arrow Road. 

Property owners of these streets were asked to nominate names for consideration. Proposed names that were available for use were provided to property owners on ballot for a vote. The new names will not become official until later in 2023. Residents will be notified by letter of the exact date their new address will become effective.

The process of renaming Early Avenue, Longstreet Avenue and Jeb Stuart Road is currently underway. Affected property owners have been asked to submit new names for consideration. Names that are not already in use, a sound-alike to an existing or approved road name, and otherwise meet the naming standards in Chapter 1020 (Loudoun County’s Naming of Streets Ordinance) will be sent back to the property owners on a ballot for a vote. The name with the most votes will become the new street name.

Detailed information about the Loudoun County road renaming initiative is online at

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