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Jun 10

Keeping Children Healthy During COVID-19

Posted on June 10, 2020 at 10:55 AM by Heather Smith

While adults make up most of the known COVID-19 cases to date, children continue to be affected by the pandemic in a number of ways. Here are some things to consider in keeping your children safe throughout the pandemic. 

Take Preventative Actions and Watch for Signs of Illness
Good handwashing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of illness. 
  • Explain that hand washing can keep them healthy and stop the virus from spreading to others.
  • Be a good role model—if you wash your hands often, they’re more likely to do the same.
  • Make handwashing a family activity.
If your children have been in contact with someone who has been ill or confirmed to have COVID-19, watch for signs of illness. Symptoms of COVID-19 can vary in different people, but typically include fever and cough. The CDC is investigating cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) associated with COVID-19.

Stay up to date on vaccinations and well-child visits
To avoid outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and keep children protected, vaccinations and well-child visits are essential. Check with your child’s primary care doctor for scheduling appointments for well-child visits and immunizations. 

Keep Children Active
Incorporating physical activity into your child’s day is an important way to keep healthy. 
Stay Socially Connected
Connect with family and friends through video chat or phone calls. Write cards or letters to family and friends who are unable to visit. 

Help Cope With Stress
Routine changes at home and in other care settings can impact children in many ways, including stress. Stress does not manifest itself the same way in everyone, but keep an eye on your children’s eating and sleeping habits and watch for signs of excessive worry or difficulty concentrating. Get more parenting resources online.

Loudoun County Public Library’s children's specialists have rounded up some of their top library resources to help kids and teens cope with the stress of life. From calming yoga sequences to teen-friendly mindfulness workbooks, these digital tools can help the whole family by building healthy, happy habits. 

Check out Loudoun County Animal Services on Facebook for virtual events and activities, such as Wildlife Wednesdays and Critters and Crafts. 

Loudoun County encourages residents to stay informed about COVID-19.
  • Visit for more information about how to protect yourself and your family and to sign up for email and text updates on COVID-19. 
  • Text LCCOVID19 to 888777 to receive text alerts from Loudoun County about COVID-19. 
    • Text LCCOVIDESP to 888777 to receive text messages in Spanish from Loudoun County about COVID-19.
Residents with questions about COVID-19 may call the Loudoun County Health Department’s information line, 703-737-8300, or send an email.

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