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Feb 26

[ARCHIVED] Loudoun County Vaccine Data Update

The original item was published from February 26, 2021 4:11 PM to February 26, 2021 4:33 PM

Loudoun County continues to make progress in the ongoing local COVID-19 vaccination efforts. As of today (February 26), Loudoun County has started offering appointments to individuals in the following priority groups who submitted pre-registrations online or by phone on January 16, 2021.
  • Health care workers
  • Front-line essential workers in priority groups 1b, 1-3:
    1. Police, fire, and hazmat workers
    2. Corrections and homeless shelter workers
    3. Child care/Pre-K – 12 teachers/staff
  • People age 65 and up
  • People age 16-64 with underlying health conditions

If you already submitted your pre-registration form and you are in one of the groups above, when you are contacted for an appointment may depend on your priority group, the exact date and time you registered, and the mandated vaccine allocation percentages (for example, the Virginia Department of Health requires 50% of Loudoun’s vaccine to be used for people age 65 and older).

While more than 46,000 people remain on the waitlist of those who submitted pre-screening surveys before 5:00 p.m. on February 12, Loudoun County has continued to offer appointments as quickly as possible to all eligible individuals. The number of pre-registrations received on January 15 alone was the highest on a single day to date; as a result, it took some time to work through those on the waitlist from that day who are in the highest priority groups. 

The wait time for an appointment continues to be about 6 to 8 weeks from the date of pre-registration. We hope that as vaccine supplies increase in the coming weeks, the pace at which we work through the waitlist will speed up.

Loudoun County continues to vaccinate people 6 days a week. More than 64,00 people have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine so far, including more than 22,000 people who are fully vaccinated with two doses of vaccine.

This past week, Loudoun received a slightly higher quantity of vaccine than the county has been receiving in recent weeks. This is due to an added shipment of vaccine that was delayed last week due to inclement weather. Between February 19 and February 25, the Health Department received 6,310 first doses of vaccine. The Health Department also received a quantify of doses for those people who need their second dose in the coming days.

Weekly Updates

Going forward, Loudoun County will provide weekly COVID-19 vaccine updates at The updates will occur on Friday of each week.

Other Priority Groups in 1b

It’s important to note that some individuals and organizations in Virginia’s Phase 1b, 4-11 priority groups may have pre-registered prior to January 16, but have not yet been contacted by the Health Department for an appointment. This is because the county continues to follow state mandates that require us to prioritize appointments for people in Phase 1b, 1-3. 

People and organizations that are in the Phase 1b, 4-11 priority groups, as defined by the Virginia Department of Health, are: 

4. Food and agriculture workers (including veterinarians)
5. Manufacturing workers
6. Grocery store workers
7. Public transit workers
8. Mail carriers (USPS and private) 
9. Officials needed to maintain continuity of government (includes judges and public-facing judicial workers)
10. Clergy/Faith leaders 
11. Janitorial/Cleaning staff

It is not yet possible to predict when Loudoun will begin to vaccinate the individuals in these groups. When the time comes, the Health Department will move through the waitlist in priority order and in the order in which the pre-registrations were received. 

Statewide Pre-Registration System

The issues associated with the statewide pre-registration system that launched on February 16, 2021, that have impacted Loudoun residents, continue to be resolved by the Governor’s office and the Virginia Department of Health as quickly as possible. Many residents have been unable to find their names in the system using the “check the list” function. The state is aware of the issues. Despite the challenges with the statewide standup of this new registration system, anyone who registered on February 12 or earlier is on our local waitlist and no one has lost their place in the queue. Anyone who registered in the state system on February 16 or later is pre-registered. We are told that all issues should be resolved in the coming days.  No registration occurred February 13-15 as local data was uploaded to the state.

If you have not already registered for a COVID-19 vaccine, visit to submit your pre-registration form.

Stay Informed 

We continue to appreciate your patience as the county works as quickly as it can to vaccinate as many people as possible. 

Contact Us

Residents with questions about COVID-19 may contact the Loudoun County Health Department:

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