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Dec 11

Grant Q&A: Question 3

Posted to Nonprofit Updates on December 11, 2019 at 3:57 PM by Shalom Black

Question 3 asks for “Administration and operation of services.” Does this mean personnel, data systems used, location of the administration of the organization and location of service delivery, or all of those? If none of those, could you clarify what information is being sought?

How, where and by whom are all questions that should be answered as part of your description of the administration of services in Question 3. Data systems can be described in Question 10b.
Nov 25

Grant Q&A: Questions 1 & 3 (Areas of Need)

Posted to Nonprofit Updates on November 25, 2019 at 4:07 PM by Nancy McCormick

Please provide some clarification on the difference between Question 1 and Question 3 in the application:

  • Question 1: Describe what the proposed funding will be used for, and how that use relates to the Area(s) of Need chosen above.
  • Question 3: Describe your organization including the following: …Service(s) for which the requested funds will be used aligned to area of need....
In which of these are we supposed to justify how our services relate to the area of need chosen? If both, do you expect to see the same answer for question 1 and that section of question 3? Is there a distinction between these two items that I may be missing?


Question 1 specifically aligns the funding request to the Area(s) of Need. The answer should show that the request is an eligible use of funds under the Areas of Need. This is the question where you will introduce the service you will reference throughout the remainder of your application.

Question 3 should put the focus on the services to be provided. Areas of Need are mentioned again in this question to help ensure that the applicant frames their service description within the context of their chosen Area of Need. The services are described in more detail; for instance, how the service is situated into the organization, where services are located, etc.

Throughout all parts of their proposal, applicants are expected to provide consistent responses when asked about their funding request, area of need, services, and impacts. To that end, applicants may be asked to show the alignment of these elements in multiple parts of the application.

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