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Dec 13

Grant Q&A: Question 1 (Areas of Need)

Posted to Nonprofit Updates on December 13, 2019 at 11:34 AM by Shalom Black

In Question 1, Area(s) of Need: 

1. Are there different “buckets” of money available for each Area of Need or will grants be equally considered no matter to which Area of Need they align?
2. How do you define Long-term Support? For example, would six months be considered long-term in a one-year grant cycle?

1. There are no "buckets" or allocations of funds for specific Areas of Need. All applications will be considered equally regardless of Area of Need.
2. Long-Term Support is defined as "Services that focus on assisting individuals who have continuing, long-term support needs to remain healthy, safe, and independent in the community." This definition references continuing needs that require added supports throughout a significant portion of a person's life, as opposed to several months or years.

Dec 09

Grant Q&A: Question 1 (Area of Need)

Posted to Nonprofit Updates on December 9, 2019 at 10:19 AM by Shalom Black

Question 1:
 If we stated that the requested funding will be used for operational and program support and then went on to state how the two programs relate to the Area(s) of Need, is that correct? Or do we need to state that the funds will be used for salaries and so forth? 

Question 1 specifically aligns the funding request to the Area(s) of Need. The answer should show that the request is an eligible use of funds under the Areas of Need; if requesting operational funds, you should give a general description of what you are including in that category (like salaries rent, etc) and how funding your operating costs support your services. This is the question where you will introduce the service you will reference throughout the remainder of your application.