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Posted on: June 7, 2019

Display Campaign Signs with Care in Loudoun

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Throughout the election season, Loudoun County reminds residents of the importance of following the rules and guidelines covering campaign signs. 

Location: Generally, signs may be displayed on private property with permission of the property owner. Unauthorized removal of campaign signs is considered a crime (theft). No signs are permitted in a Virginia Department of Transportation right of way or within five feet of the right of way. Signs placed in the right of way are subject to confiscation and disposal by authorized personnel. 

Permit Process: Campaigns should apply for a zoning permit for the placement of campaign signs throughout the county. Campaign signs are designated as “temporary” signs per Section 5-1204(D)(5)(a) of the Revised 1993 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance. As part of the Zoning Permit Application, a graphic is required showing the dimensions of the signs along with a map of the property showing the location of the sign on the property as well as the distance from the right of way and property lines. The maximum size of a campaign sign is 32 feet. The fee for filing a Zoning Permit Application is $10.

Safety: Loudoun County reminds everyone of the importance of calling 811 before digging. Virginia state law requires anyone who digs to notify Virginia 811 before digging to identify the location of underground cables, wires and facilities. Damage caused by improper digging can be dangerous and costly. More information is online at

Live in a Town? Sign regulations may differ within Loudoun County’s incorporated towns. Contact the appropriate town offices regarding placement of campaign and other temporary signs within towns.

More information about campaign signs and other campaign materials can be found at More information about the upcoming election is online at

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