How are jurors selected for a particular trial?

Each day, jurors report to the Jury Assembly Room and their attendance is taken. When a judge is ready to begin the jury trial, the jurors needed for the case are selected from those persons in attendance for that day. The jurors’ names are called and the panel of jurors is escorted to the courtroom.

Once the jury panel reaches the designated courtroom, the jurors are questioned under the supervision of the Judge. During this questioning, some jurors may be excused from the case. Once all of the questioning has been completed, each attorney in the case is allowed to remove a certain number of jurors from the panel. The jury trial will consist of the jurors remaining on the panel. Jurors not selected will return to the Jury Assembly room until released.

Once all of the jury panels have been selected for the day, the remaining jurors, if any, in the assembly room will be excused and their service will be complete.

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